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Tourism Dentistry: Affordable Dental Tourism in Kerala

Dental tourism is one of the most important components of the clinical tourism market, has seen substantial progress in latest few years. Even though the health care tourism business has witnessed development, dentistry has been the most appropriate and the most travelled for therapy in this sector. Lots of dental patients from Europe, US and other countries does not have proper dental insurance. Numerous people is force to take journey for their dental remedy is the extensive wait around time. Patients sometime have to wait for a pair of weeks if not months for their dental appointment.

The high cost of dental care services, lack of insurance coverage, and dissatisfaction with available services in home countries have motivated people to seek affordable, speedy, and better-quality dental care in foreign countries. Whilst travelling abroad to maintain, improve or restore their dental health, people take the opportunity to spend their vacation in the destination country. The main motivation factors were dental care quality, dental care information access, and cost-savings.

The beaches, Hills stations, Back waters, Wildlife and other tourist attractions makes Dental Tourism in Kerala promising. 100% literacy, strict law and order enforcement, health indices in par with WHO standard, high level of communal tolerance etc makes Dental Tourism in Kerala very safe.

It is a purified world in Kerala, the land of trees. A big, spreading tree purifies as much air as a room air-conditioner. And the former is never switched off! The prolific, bustling, vegetation acts like a massive, biological, air-filtration plant working round the clock, round the year. Hence spending days in Kerala countryside is as if spending in an air- purified environment. So is the rejuvenating effect of the lush greenery of the state.

The technologies and approaches used in many medical tourism locations also matched the best in the environment. To catch the attention of medical vacationers, dentists have begun adopting the newest in technology such as dental implants and Lasers and promoting their clinics. This coupled with decreased prices has produced dental tourism quite beautiful.

Dental lasers – A ray of hope in dentistry

Lasers were introduced into the field of clinical dentistry with the hope of overcoming some of the drawbacks posed by the conventional methods of dental procedures. Oral cavity is a unique and complex environment, where hard and soft tissues exist in close proximity, within bacteria laden saliva. Now a days a variety of dental laser wavelengths are available. They are activated at different parameters such as power settings, emission modes, pulse duration etc, for soft and hard tissues.

Dental laser treatment

Dental laser treatment is the newer advancement in dentistry, which enhance the treatment outcome as well as the patient comfort. Dental lasers offer lesser pain, relatively bloodless field, sterilisation of the treatment area, absence of sutures, lesser post operative discomfort, reduces swelling and pain. The most important of all eliminates the fear of scalpel and the dental drill. Commonly used lasers in dentistry are grouped under soft tissue laser and hard tissue laser

Soft tissue laser:

This type of lasers used for soft tissue management in the oral cavity. Soft tissue lasers are used for low level laser therapy which stimulate biomolecules, enhance regeneration and healing, reduce pain and swelling etc. Laser teeth whitening can be done with soft tissue diode laser.

Hard tissue laser:

This type of lasers used for the management of hard tissues (teeth & bone) as well as soft tissues in the oral cavity. Hard tissue lasers used for the treatment of gum diseases, tooth cutting, root canal treatment, gum de-pigmentation etc. The most important use is the tongue tie correction of infants with topical application of local anaesthetic gel.

Advantages of laser treatments

Doctor Benefits

             Superior clinical results

             No hand fatigue

             Improves patient comfort

             Avoid patient waiting time for anaesthesia

             Improves patient retention

             Attract New patients

             Fearless Pediatric dentistry

             Energizes dental practice

             Improves case acceptances and increases revenue; more procedures in one appointment

             Expands capabilities and procedures

             Hemostasis- which allows better visibility in the surgical field and less trauma to tissue that has been cut

             Reduces post-op complications post-op follow-up.

Patient Benefits

             No Needles, No Drill, No Pain (most of the cases)

             No bleeding, No Anaesthesia(most of the cases), Excellent tool for patients suffering with heart problems & Diabetics.

             No numb lips after treatment

             Return to daily routine faster after treatment

             Multi-quadrant procedures in one visit

             Superior clinical Result, minimally invasive to surrounding dental structure

             Advantage for immune deficient patients.

             Eliminate risk of infection from cross contamination

             Avoids the stress of shots and risk of drug interactions for children and seniors

Patient acceptance has also been demonstrated in various studies. In addition, there are numerous other aspects that have served health-related tourism in the field of dentistry increase so swiftly. Dental remedies never need very long recuperation time. Patients can go away as quickly as the remedy is finished. Dental treatment method does not demand you to be admitted to a clinic, as a result offering people the independence to move all around.

Healthcare tourism facilitators have also assisted tremendously in expanding this business as a entire. Touring to a new vacation spot for a health-related process can be a little bit too much to handle, but professional medical tourism firms, who do all the essential perform for you, have created the total approach seamless.

Come to Kerala, the southern tip of India – the land and beauty of wonders! So, get ready to be mesmerized…the Landscapes and Sceneries are filled with freshness of evergreen. The climate is just perfect to enjoy. Nourished by the Southwest Monsoon winds and North East Monsoon Winds, the rivers in Kerala keep running all year long and the backwaters are delighting. And if there’s romance in the air, it’s in Kerala – “The God’s Own Country”! 


Dr Nirmal George Saibu M.D.S

(Prosthodontist and Implantologist)

Dr Simple Varghese M.D.S, MSc Laser

(Periodontist and Laser specialist)







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