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Meghalaya Takes Festival Route to Promote Tourism

The Government of Meghalaya envisions to make Meghalaya one of the top 10 states of the country. Here, tourism can play a pivotal role in achieving the goal of the Government. The policies and programs implemented by the Government works towards trying to make Meghalaya the most sought-after tourist destination.

Meghalaya, also known as the Abode of Clouds, is known for its abundant biodiversity areas, famed monsoons, and the dramatic terrain but Meghalaya also has a rich cultural and natural heritage, and many festivals are celebrated all around the year to commemorate the same.

This makes Meghalaya the perfect destination for avid travelers around the globe who can immerse themselves in the vivid cultural heritage of the state. These festivals form an integral part of showcasing the cultural wealth of the State and unlocking its potential through tourism.

The four major cultural and religious festivals of the state are the Wangala Dance (Garo hills – November), Shad Suk Mynsiem and Nongkrem Dance Festival (Khasi hills – April and November), and the Behdeinkhlam Festival (Jaintia hills – July).

In addition to these, the Government of Meghalaya also organizes a calendar of curated festivals ranging from Kayaking to music and literature. The significant among these are the Kayaking festival (October), the Autumn festival (October), the Boating Regetta (November), the International Film Festival (December) and the Winter Tales Festival (December).

The most prominent festivals are the Cherry Blossom festival and the Me. Gong Festival. It is a 10-day celebration comprising a series of events including music and literature festivals. The Me.Gong festival is celebrated during the first week of December in the Garo Hills. This celebration is given the name Me.gong after a flower that grows plentifully in the Garo Hills. The event showcases the traditions and cultures of the people through games, shows and performances. The three-day festival also showcases beverages from all over the area.






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