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Deltin Expects Growth in MICE & Corporate Bookings : Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin Group

Goa has witnessed a positive trend in terms of tourism and the sector has gradually reopened with guidelines and regulations in place. Mass vaccination has been a major booster for the segment to further revive. Anil Malani, CEO, Deltin Group, shares his views about the trends in hospitality and live gaming.

What trends has Deltin witnessed both in terms of hotels and casinos in 2021?

With regards to the sector travel and hospitality, 2021 has been a year full of turmoil & uncertainty; and the same is not over yet with the advent of the new variant ‘Omicron’ which everyone is closely watching. India was hit by the second wave of pandemic around April which wreaked havoc on the sector. But we are happy to note the positive trend from September onwards when the sector gradually opened up with guidelines and regulations in place. All tourism destinations saw a surge in number of visiting tourists due to the pent-up demand and declining covid cases which got the mojo back to the sector.

As far as Deltin is concerned, Safety & wellbeing of our patrons and staff are of paramount importance and we are following all government guidelines & our own state-of-the-art safety protocol ‘BestAssured’ across all our properties. 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated.

Goa as a destination has witnessed tremendous footfall towards the latter half of 2020 and in 2021, has the tourism in Goa and your properties come back to normalcy? Also, how has the Daman property shaped up post reopening?

Goa, as a travel destination has always attracted tourists from various geographies and as an economy which is majorly dependent on tourism, it adds a huge positive impact to the wellbeing of livelihoods involved in it. Casinos are a major tourist attraction in Goa and they not only help reviving the long struggling travel & tourism industry but also lakhs of people employed in it, who were badly hit by two waves of the pandemic. The Deltin, Daman is shaping up well and is a preferred destination for weddings and events from people of Maharashtra and Gujarat. All our properties are abiding by the govt safety guidelines and restrictions.

Earlier Deltin had plans to enter international markets including Sri Lanka, is the plan still under process? What are your expansion plans domestically and in the international markets?

Deltin already has a presence in Kathmandu, Nepal with ‘Deltin Casino International’. Apart from the same, we are majorly focusing on the domestic market for now which is our strength because we understand the market well. We are awaiting our Casino license in Daman. Beyond this, we would not like to comment at the moment.

How has the group engaged with the customer base and also the travel trade fraternity in 2021? Are you planning any new campaigns?

For us the communication has always been based on the emotions of our guests and members. During the pandemic, we found innovative and lighthearted ways to connect to our TG with our “Spirit of Winning” campaign, ‘BestAssured’ safety campaign and the vaccination campaign with the message “We are Ready”. Our strategy has always been to communicate the message in a ‘not so serious’ way for larger acceptance and recall. Post opening up in September, we have already done 2 major campaigns – “We are Open” and “Relive the Deltin Life”. Many such relatable campaigns will follow soon based on the changing needs, preferences and the larger mood of our customer base.

Deltin also has a focus on the MICE and corporate segment, by when do you see these segments bouncing back?

We have already seen substantial traction in these segments and if things go well as far as the pandemic is concerned, we look forward to seeing good growth in MICE and corporate bookings.

How do you see the growth in the gaming industry in India? Which are your major target markets?

 ‘Deltin’ is into luxury live gaming and provides an experience like no other. As per the law, live casinos can only operate in Goa and Sikkim in India while Daman is on the anvil based on the govt approval. So, naturally, these are our target markets for now in India. We expect the industry to do well as the country has shown good progress in the mass vaccination front which will be helpful in expediting the end of the pandemic.

Post unlocking last year, hotels and resorts in leisure destinations witnessed demand. Do you foresee a similar demand in the coming months in India?

Surely, the demand will only be northbound provided the world can keep the pandemic in check.

Deltin is the go-to luxury gaming and entertainment destination for people in India. Can you elaborate a bit on the various offering you have for tourists who are planning to travel domestically?

Deltin offers an experience to remember which is mix of thrill, excitement, entertainment, good food & beverages and great service. Our patrons belong to various segments: some seek the thrill of gaming, some visit for the experience, and some just want to have a good time. We cater to everyone with our finest offerings and service. Not to forget our trademark safety and hygiene protocols.

Any new development which you would like to add?

After getting hit and recovering from the first and second waves, we are hoping that we can keep the fear of a third wave on the bay and can carry-on adding momentum to the gaming, entertainment and hospitality sectors.



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