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The Indian adventure sports sector is expected to grow by 20% in 2020

Rahul Nigam Rahul Nigam

India, with its vast landscapes, magnificent water bodies and sky kissing mountain, becomes the hot spot for the adventure sports. The country offers a variety of sports from Bungy Jumping, river rafting to Paragliding with more and more people are indulging themselves into these sports and experiencing thrill and fun. 2019 have been a successful year for the adventure sports, let us discuss the points which has favoured the sector.

Awareness for fitness is taking centre stage

Working in an office in a sedentary position month after month takes a toll on people’s health. This is doubly true if they get a little exercise and have poor eating habits. The awareness regarding fitness is rising among the people, and people are turning towards adventure sports. People have realised that adventure sports are good for both mental as well as physical health. The adventure sports in India showed positive sentiments in 2019 with many new initiatives being undertaken. The number of people who have benefitted with the adventure sports has increased in 2019, compared to the people who participated in the last decade. The opportunities to indulge in these sports have improved it.

Government pushing the sector

Many are with the views that adventure sports are not everybody’s cup of tea; it requires zeal and enthusiasm. People who involve themselves in these sports experience thrill and positivity in their life. This leads to better performance in personal as well as professional fronts. The Government also knows the positive outcome of these sports and giving a push to the sector. It role has been instrumental in providing a drive to the industry. The Government, along with the private organisations, have launched several destinations for the adventure sports in parts of the country. The guidelines launched by the Government of India on the Safety and Quality Norms for Adventure Tourism has been strengthened.

Millennial embracing themselves in these sports

Involving in adventure sports help in the overall development. It strengthen ones skill and stamina. The globetrotting Millennial are involving in these sports and have bolstered up the demand for adventure sports here with actively taking parts in several sports such as mountain biking, giant swing, bungy jumping, scuba diving etc. 2019 experienced an increase in camping; it is something that came from the western culture. The demand for the campaign is rising in rural India as more number of people are opting to go for campaigns during vacations.

2019 was a year which ensured better safety relating to these sports with highly experienced crew, high level of training, the use of right quality equipment, etc. For example, many companies have their Jump Masters have been trained by Experts from foreign countries.

The role of technology in this sector cannot be left unmentioned as it has played an essential role in giving a new life to the sports adventure sector.

Outlook for 2020

Looking at the immense potential that adventure sports hold, it is expected to witness continued growth in 2020 with a far more sharp focus on customer-centricity. As the adventure sports concept continues to expand in India’s urban and economic hubs, it is gradually making its way to Tier II and III cities. Cities like Goa, Rishikesh, Delhi, Pune and a few others are likely to receive high demand in adventure sports in 2020. The safety and security relating to the adventure sports will increase with more focus on customer satisfaction. 2020 will see a far more disciplined approach to this sector; both customers and clients will play a responsible role. Given the massive potential that adventure sports have already displayed, one thing is for sure that it is here to stay!

This article is contributed by Rahul Nigam, Managing Director & Founder, Jumpin Heights

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