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Travelport Reveals Where Travellers Are Flying In From This Diwali

The countries that have seen the most flight bookings to India for the period around Diwali are the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, according to analysis conducted by Travelport.

As per the release, the Diwali saw 32,828 flight bookings from US, UK (22,663), UAE (20,688), Saudi Arabia (17,597), Canada (16,329), Australia (11,091) and Singapore (9,442) amongst others.

This data is derived from Travelport’s interpretation of relevant MIDT data. It reflects bookings made as of 14 October 2019 through GDS only, a channel primarily used by travel agents, for flights to India (the destination) between 24 and 30 October 2019. Additional bookings will have been made directly with airlines, which may or may not also have a GDS presence.

As of 14 October 2019, a total of 32,828 advanced bookings had been made through all global distribution systems3 (GDS) for flights from the United States to India, scheduled between 24 and 30 October 2019. Flight bookings from the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates stood at 22,663 and 20,688 respectively.

The ten countries with the largest flight booking volumes to India for the festival period were evenly split across the world; with three countries each from the Middle East and Asia Pacific, and two countries each from the Americas and Europe.

On a volume basis, the Americas saw the most travellers flying into India (49,157; or 32% of total bookings made in the top 10 countries), followed closely by the Middle East (44,831; 29%). Europe (30,354; 19%) and the Asia Pacific (29,093; 19%) rounded out the list.

While some countries in the top 10 list – such as the United States, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – were those with the largest non-resident Indian (NRI) populations; the list also featured origin countries with smaller NRI populations like Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Germany. Singapore and Thailand were also new entrants to the top 10 list for Diwali, compared to similar analysis Travelport conducted around the Holi festival this year.

Sandeep Dwivedi, Chief Operating Officer at InterGlobe Technology Quotient, Travelport’s Operator in six countries across the Asia Pacific region including India and Sri Lanka, said: “We’re seeing travellers increasingly looking for experiences, rather than material items. With Diwali a time of homecoming and bonding amongst families and friends, it’s not surprising that many would choose to experience the festival in all its ritual and warmth here in India.”

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