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‘Buddycations’ is India’s New Holiday Mantra, says ICICI Lombard

A recent study commissioned by ICICI Lombard on the occasion of World Tourism Day reveals that Indians take vacations with their buddies (Buddycation) and make compromises individually in order to fulfill promises of the whole group.

The survey suggests that school or college friends in India are more inclined to meet over an annual ‘Buddycation’ (21%) than during their annual alumni meet (16%). As per the survey, respondents in Mumbai (29%), Ahmedabad (26%) and Hyderabad (22%) are most likely to take an annual vacation with friends, while respondents in Chennai (32%) and Delhi (22%) are more likely to meet their school or college friends at their annual alumni meet.

Most of the respondents see a vacation in a very positive light – 72% of respondents take vacation as a way to create memorable moments and spending quality time with buddies. The survey found that 86 per cent of Indians are likely to enjoy a vacation with their buddies over their family. Furthermore, the study also reveals that 49 per cent of respondents chose close friends and work colleagues as ‘ideal travel companions’.

There is a shift in the traveling pattern of Indian masses. Indians are leaving behind their families in favor of buddies to explore new places and experiences. This is a reflection of a larger trend in India where young people are choosing ‘Buddycation’ over the family vacation. According to Skyscanner India, 24% millennial travelers prefer traveling with their friends compared to 17% who would travel with their family .

According to the survey findings, it was seen that choices of one’s friends take precedence while planning for these buddycataions, more than two out of five respondents (45%)admitted that they frequently have to skip their preferred location and go for what their buddies choose. This is more common amongst respondents from Lucknow (52%) and Mumbai (52%).

On the survey, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company said, “At ICICI Lombard, our brand commitment is all about keeping promises; and this is precisely the basis of true friendship. Vacations are increasingly an occasion for friends to renew relationships, enjoy each other’s company, and experience the pleasure of ‘collective decision-making’. It is all about bringing joy to the entire group – that is the essence of the modern Buddycation.”

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