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Maldives Breaks the Freediving World Record with 520 Participants

Maldives goes on Guiness World Record for the most people freediving simultaneously, with 520 participants on Tuesday, 1 October 2019. The small island broke the world record previously held by Italy; 'La Scuola del Mare 2' (Verona), in Torri del Benaco, Verona with 280 people. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, President of Maldives joined the event titled Neyvaa, freediving with the participants including freediving world champion William Trubridge, a double world record holding freediver from New Zealand. Officials from the Guiness World Record declared the achievement as a new world record while presenting the certificate to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Maldives is set to host two other world record attempts in the coming weeks, with Michal Kapral, a Canadian joggler based in Toronto, Ontario. During his trip to Maldives, Kapral will attempt to make two world records. First, he will attempt breaking his own record for the fastest 10-kilometer run while juggling without a drop, during TFG’s CocaCola RunInAddu 2019 on 5 October 2019. His second record-breaking attempt will feature him attempting world record for climbing most consecutive stairs, up to 1,776 steps, while juggling three objects. He will attempt this on 11 October 2019 during the Children’s Evening Held in Sultan Park, Male, Maldives. These events, in partnership with MMPRC hope to promote the destination for sports tourism.

MMPRC is currently gearing up for 2020 to promote the destination for niche markets such as MICE, Sports and Cultural Tourism.

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