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FTAs grew by 2.5% in June 2017

  • 19 July 2017

Foreign Tourist arrivals (FTAs) grew by 2.5 per cent in June 2017 as compared to 2016. Ministry of Tourism compiles monthly estimates of FTAs. The number of FTAs in June, 2017 was 6.70 lakh as compared to FTAs of 5.47 lakh in June, 2016 and 5.12 lakh in June, 2015.

The growth rate in FTAs in June, 2017 over June, 2016 is 22.5 per cent compared to 6.8 per cent in June, 2016 over June, 2015. FTAs during the period January- June 2017 were 48.85 lakh with a growth of 17.2 per cent, as compared to the FTAs of 41.69 lakh with a growth of 8.4 per cent in January- June 2016 over January- June 2015.

The percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during June 2017 among the top 15 source countries was highest from Bangladesh (29.23 per cent) followed by USA (19.70 per cent), UK (6.14 per cent), Malaysia (3.82 per cent), Australia (2.56 per cent), China (2.52 per cent), Singapore (2.31 per cent), Sri Lanka (2.24 per cent), Japan (2.21 per cent), Canada (2.19 per cent), France (1.96 per cent), Germany (1.92 per cent), Nepal (1.84 per cent), Republic of Korea (1.50 per cent) and Afghanistan (0.98 per cent).

The percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during June 2017 among the top 15 ports was highest at Delhi Airport (22.16 per cent) followed by Haridaspur Land Check Post (17.06 per cent), Mumbai Airport (14.98 per cent), Chennai Airport (9.06 per cent), Bengaluru Airport (6.72 per cent), Kolkata Airport (4.82 per cent), Hyderabad Airport (4.37 per cent), Cochin Airport (3.57 per cent), Gede Rail Land Check Post (3.09 per cent),Ghojadanga Land Check Post (2.08 per cent), Tiruchirapalli Airport (1.93 per cent), Ahmadabad Airport (1.60 per cent), Trivandrum Airport (1.35 per cent), Hilli Land Check Post (0.94 per cent) and Changrabandha Land Check Post (0.86 per cent).

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