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SATTE: Bellwether of the Indian travel industry

As the 29th Edition of SATTE 2022 opens this month, there is a sense of optimism amongst the travel trade fraternity. Over 20 destinations have so far confirmed their participation and many more foreign attractions and Destinations Management Companies have registered for the event that’s scheduled from May 18th to 20th.

SATTE, arguably the oldest travel trade exhibition in South Asia, has recorded the rise and growth of the Indian outbound industry over the years. It’s a date that’s marked in the calendar of any destination or attraction that’s keen on targeting the Indian outbound market and this year it is no different.

This year, as we convene for the mart, there will be anticipation amongst the trade partners who travelled from various destinations to understand the changing dynamics of the Indian outbound market. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught everyone to be digitally savvy and conduct business virtually. However, the excitement of meeting in person has not been lost on everyone, looking at the number of registrations that SATTE 2022 has received.

International tourism boards are eager to reconnect with their Indian partners and agents as they forge new alliances and partnerships.

Covid-19 is not behind us. It’s lurking in the shadows and can rear its head if we throw caution to the winds. This will also influence decision making amongst the travellers who now wait for the last minute to finalise their bookings.

India is a fertile ground for the global tourism boards who see the country as a market with immense potential. The younger generation of Indian travellers are highly savvy and tour operators need to mirror their aspirations.

It’s no longer about the destination but about immersive experiences. It’s about the food, culture, people and the growing bonds that they forge as people find new meaning in their travel experiences.

The skies have been opened up and every day there are reports of airlines connecting India to the global network and this will help to make travel affordable and accessible.

The old cookie-cutter approach will not work anymore. It’s about reinvention and reimagining. This is where SATTE stands out. It will host a number of seminars and discussions during the three-day event which will provide food for thought for the large number of delegates who will watch the proceedings closely to understand trends and opportunities in the outbound travel space.

Finally, for global destinations, tourism is the key to the revival of their economy and governments the world over are laying out the red carpet for inbound tourists. Many destinations’ economies depend on tourism and any disruption has a cascading impact on their economies. Closer home, Sri Lanka and Nepal are examples of how dependence on tourism has impacted their economies.

And as we gear up for SATTE 2022, let’s be confident that this is a new chapter in our journey to become the leading outbound market for destinations around the world.

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