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Adlabs Imagica to woo travellers from Indian Subcontinent

  • 15 May 2017

Beginning as a world-class theme park, Adlabs Imagica has today transformed itself as a destination in itself. With the addition of a Water Park, Novotel Imagica, and lately the Snow Park, the destination has already welcomed around 45,00,000 travellers since inception.

Speaking about the Park Pooja Shetty, Joint MD, Adlabs Imagica said, “We have built Imagica to bring a real world-class family entertainment to India. Some of the parks that we have are much smaller in size, even from an investment perspective. We are trying to create an entertainment destination in India, with many parks and option to stay as well. Since we have opened, we have already welcomed 45, 00,000 people. We have received around 33 per cent of our total visitors from outside our catchment area that is Mumbai and Pune. We are very encouraged by this as people are travelling and making effort to come and experience our park.”

Adlabs Imagica has now also gone a step ahead to promote the destination. They have now tied-up with MTDC to create a day package to Imagica which can add a great boost to their footfall. Also, the destination is now planning to target travellers from across the Indian Subcontinent.

Shetty said, “From an expansion perspective, we have had advanced conversations with MTDC. They have the Mumbai Darshan package and it is very popular. The second level of package which they will have is the Imagica day package. So we are very excited about the association which will happen within a month. It will be a big push for us. When it comes to promotion, we cover all of the main 10-12 cities in our non catchment areas in India. We will now also expand to promote ourselves in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka and open up these markets as well. As any international travel outside to any other destination for travellers in those countries will cost them five to six times. So from cost value perspective and a holiday perspective it’s a much more affordable option, and it’s a world class option.”

One of the major segments for the park is the students segment. The park also has facilities wherein students can come for educational purpose and learn about the physics of the rides.

Shetty said, “We have seen a lot of school kids come to our park. On an average every year we welcome 1, 50,000 kids. Some come for plain excursion and rest for an edutainment experience. So we have created a format where some of our seniors will explain the physics and the technology to the students and they can also enjoy the rides.”

With the growing demand for the park, Novotel Imagica has witnessed occupancies as high as 85 per cent. To further accommodate travellers the Park has tied-up with various hotels in the vicinity. Also they have partnered with Ola to provide better connectivity.

Speaking about the development Shetty added, “We have guests come and stay for minimum one or two nights. We have made several packages around that. Our team has tied up with additional 1200 hotel in the area, so that if Novotel Imagica cannot cater to more guests, we can accommodate our customers there. From an expansion point of view we would like to have more rooms, as currently the hotel is running at 80-85 per cent occupancy and we feel that more families should come and enjoy the destination. We have a whole gamut of options.”

The destination has also witnessed an increase in the MICE segment.

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