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SWISS to take over part of SR Technics’ vocational training

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has resolved to invest further in its apprentice training and take over part of the vocational training currently provided by SR Technics in Zurich from August 1. As a result, SWISS will in future conduct its own training of apprentice polymechanics and automation engineers.

The two companies have a long history of sharing the Vocational Training department, and the move has been prompted by an increased demand at SWISS for specialists in these fields, which the new in-house training should at least partially meet. The greater need for such personnel is due to the planned expansion of SWISS’s aircraft maintenance operations, in the light of the current extensive renewal of the SWISS aircraft fleet.

The move is also advantageous for SR Technics, as the company continues benefiting from the future training programmes, while strengthening its global presence

In view of these developments, SWISS and SR Technics embarked on a joint project to reappraise these key training areas. And, in the light of their deliberations, they have agreed that the polymechanic and automation engineer training concerned should be transferred to SWISS.

Peter Wojahn, Chief Technical Officer, SWISS said, “We will be investing tens of millions over the next few years in ensuring a continued inflow of highly-qualified technicians into our company and the broader aviation industry. And, in doing so, we will be offering many motivated young individuals a solid training foundation at our Zurich operations.”

Frank Walschot, Chief Operation Officer, SR Technics said, “Over the past years SR Technics’ vocational training has offered numerous opportunities for its apprentices, and it is great to see that Swiss is now taking the lead, investing in the programmes’ future development. This transaction is a win-win not only for SWISS and SR Technics, but also for the current and future apprentices seeking opportunities in the aviation industry.”

SR Technics’ vocational training is one of the biggest such operation in the Zurich region, with 127 apprentices currently pursuing 11 different occupations. With its extensive infrastructure and its instructors’ skills and experience, SR Technics offers unique training facilities, and its services have been utilised by SWISS and its apprentices for many years now.

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