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Air ambulances: game-changer for tourist evacuations

Prabhdeep Singh Prabhdeep Singh

Traveling is undoubtedly an exciting, eye-opening experience that fills the heart, teaches us about life and diversity, and acts as a welcome respite from our everyday reality. There is no doubt that most of us love being tourists for various reasons - be it to explore a new place or culture or simply unwind and take a break from our otherwise hectic lives. Travel comes in multiple forms; it can be a relaxing beach vacation, leisurely exploration, or high intensity like trekking or adventure sports.

With the evolving nature of travel, trekking is becoming a new trend among millennials looking for an adrenaline rush and thrill. For those who enjoy the mountains and hills, trekking is curiously fulfilling. However, it's all too easy to get carried away by the excitement. This is where the issue of security arises because life is priceless.

You never know what could go wrong on your trip. So, ensuring there is no full stop to your journey, a proper evacuation plan is necessary to travel with peace of mind. That is where air ambulances come into the picture for the evacuation of a tourist.

What is it?

In a nutshell, an air ambulance is a specially outfitted helicopter/aircraft used to transport sick or injured people in medical emergency scenarios from places not easily accessible by road. An air ambulance is critical in providing immediate evacuation from a remote or medically underserved location to a more appropriate, higher-level medical facility.

No full stop on travel with the flying doctors

India is one of the most preferred destinations for travelers due to its diverse attractions, which include tribes, mountains, deserts, religions, and beaches. The majority of trip destinations are located in remote areas. Even if sufficient connectivity is available, the level of care required in some circumstances may be advanced. In such scenarios, air ambulances are the most effective alternative. The air ambulance can easily airlift an injured or sick person to and from one location to another. The cutting-edge air ambulance is outfitted with top-of-the-line monitoring, ventilators, oxygen, and emergency boxes, etc.

In places like the hills/mountains where people have limited access to road ambulances and the process of transfer is heavily influenced by time, the air ambulance plays a vital role in transporting patients. Looking from a security standpoint, our northeastern states, as well as several pilgrimage sites in mountainous areas, do not have suitable roads and transportation infrastructure, necessitating the need for air ambulances.

As per the medical concept, the patient's odds of survival are determined in the first few hours following an injury or complication, which is known as the golden hour. If the patient can be transferred within the golden hour to the proper clinical facility, then there is an excellent chance of recovery. As a result, the air ambulance ensures fast medical assistance while providing a hassle-free experience for families going through difficult circumstances.

We ponder several times before spending money; similarly, it is critical to find the proper primary doctor or hospital for your loved one's treatment, especially during the most crucial moment of their lives. Some clinically critical transfers, such as ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and organ transport, cannot be done by using surface ambulances, and this is where the air ambulance proves to be a life guardian.


Furthermore, many people prefer to be in their native place in an emergency scenario; they feel better at ease in the presence of their loved ones or with a doctor who is familiar with their medical history. Air ambulance is a simple solution to this problem. Even after taking all the necessary precautions, the unexpected can always occur. Thus, becoming a life-guardian air ambulance gives you the assurance that you can get home no matter what.

Prabhdeep Singh, CEO & Founder, StanPlus

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