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Holiday Moods sees rise in Arctic cruising demand; launches ‘The Norway Summer FlyCruise Arctic Adventure’

Fixed departures are being offered from June till September 2024. Highlights include a visit to the North Cape, the majestic landscapes of Vesterålen and Lofoten, and crossing the Arctic Circle.

The DMC for Scandinavia, Arctic Circle Countries and Antarctic, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd, has announced the launch of its newest offering from the Pure Northern Collection: The Norway Summer FlyCruise Arctic Adventure. Fixed departures are being offered from June till September 2024.

The journey includes unique experiences like the Arctic adventure of king crab fishing, interactions with friendly huskies, exploring the surroundings, relaxing in a traditional sauna, and numerous opportunities for unforgettable excursions. Highlights include a visit to the North Cape, the majestic landscapes of Vesterålen and Lofoten, and crossing the Arctic Circle.

“Few years ago, the Arctic, Antarctic region and Scandinavia were hardly being promoted in India. At Holiday Moods Adventures, we saw this gap in the market and capitalised it. Today, a lot of people who have travelled to mainstream European countries are very keen to travel to Scandinavia. Similarly, Indians now want to reach out to the farthest flung naturally endowed regions of the planet such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This exclusive 6-day journey will take travellers from the enchanting Arctic wonderland of Kirkenes to the historic city of Trondheim, showcasing the unparalleled beauty of Norway’s northern coast,” says  Managing Director, Tejbir Singh Anand of Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd.

When asked about the emerging trends getting prominent in the arena of cruising, and how offbeat cruising experiences getting positioned within the same, Anand adds, “In our earlier strategies we used to segment our cruise programmes based on the youth and the senior segment. As people are getting conscious and healthier, so are their dreams of going to the remotest corner of the world and enjoying those rare experiences. I am seeing a new trend where we have a mix of all ages travelling together, irrespective of their ages and the common interest, with their lure for sustainable and active tourism binding them together. I am finding honeymoon couples wanting to experience northern lights driving a snowmobile off Havila Voyages at the onset of their married life. I am seeing parents with their children inspired to see wildlife in the polar regions on the expedition cruise and sleeping in Snow Hotels on a bed of ice. And the senior citizens are not far behind with the diehard spirit of one life to live, enjoying northern lights while dog reindeer sledding in the Arctic regions while cruising.”

Notably, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd is also the distributor in India for Havila Voyages.

Director, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd, Arshdeep Anand also commented, “The adventure begins with a morning flight included in the package from Oslo to Kirkenes, where guests will enjoy a variety of unique Arctic experiences including king crab fishing, husky interactions, and a visit to the Russian border. After an overnight stay in the luxurious Gamme Cabins at the Kirkenes Snowhotel, travellers will embark on a breathtaking 5-day coastal voyage aboard one of Havila Kystruten’s modern, spacious ships.”

Sustainability, a key ingredient for Havila

Anand further shares that the cruise industry has recently faced criticism for being one of the most polluting and unsustainable forms of holidaying. Speaking on the overall sustainable approach of the Havila Voyages, he adds, “These concerns are becoming increasingly significant in today’s world. Havila Voyages exemplifies this commitment and aligns perfectly with our beliefs and ethos. Havila Capella, recognised with the Next Generation Ship Award, is the world’s most environmentally friendly coastal ship, featuring groundbreaking technology. It boasts the world’s largest battery pack, enabling zero-emission sailing in fjords, providing a peaceful and relaxed environment. The ship charges using hydropower at the quay and uses liquid natural gas, reducing CO2 emissions by 25% and NOx emissions by 90%.”

Additionally, the ‘Havila Food Stories’ initiative underscores sustainability as a key ingredient, he shares. By eliminating buffets, it targets a maximum of 75 grams of daily food waste per guest. Only handpicked ingredients from local suppliers and producers are sourced, cutting food waste by almost 15 tons per ship annually. Additionally, a waste energy recovery system utilises 65% of the fuel energy typically lost through exhaust and cooling water systems,” adds Anand.






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